Show me! One Last Chance
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One Last Chance

Sweet Zak Bishop keeps breaking the rules at St. Patrick’s Catholic School, and the only way he can stay, is if he lets Father Joel have his way with him. The pervy priest takes the opportunity to inspect the cute boy’s tight hole, making him moan wildly as he works.

Show me! Elder Hill: Hole Training
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Elder Hill: Hole Training

It’s been a busy week for Elder Hill as he has explored his sexuality more…

Show me! Father’s Holy Water
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Father’s Holy Water

Sweet Zak Bishop can’t get his mind out of the gutter, and when it comes to Confession, he has a lot to fess up to. Luckily, Father Dacotah Red is more than happy to offer the boy redemption in the form of his veiny, bulging penis.

Show me! Elder Hill: Missionary Surveillance
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Elder Hill: Missionary Surveillance

President Skye may be new to this chapter of the mission, but he’s been doing…

Show me! Impure Thoughts
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Impure Thoughts

Father Jack Hunter has been worried about tiny Jay Tee, so he interrupts the boy’s nightly prayers to relieve him of sin. The boy acts out all his dirty temptations with the pervy priest, letting the strong dude probe every inch of his nubile body in the process before enjoying some of the most pleasurable anal penetration he could ever imagine.

Show me! Elder Proctor: Introduction
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Elder Proctor: Introduction

This week, Elder Abarth brings back a new boy, Elder Proctor, to Bishop Thirio’s house….

Show me! Personal Penitence
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Personal Penitence

Sweet and pure Ryland Kingsley has had some heaviness weighing on his mind, and he wants to relieve his burden with Father Red. Luckily Father Red is there to take the pain away, filling the boy’s cute hole with throbbing meat.

Show me! Cleanse and Forgive
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Cleanse and Forgive

Sweet Adrian Hill is nervous to confess his impure thoughts to Father Skye, but the strong, chiseled man is able to put his mind at ease with just a glance. Once the boy feels safe, he lets Father Skye feel the inside of his tight asshole as he moans in pain and pleasure.

Show me! Elder Abarth: Hole Training
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Elder Abarth: Hole Training

Bishop Thirio can’t take his eyes off Elder Abarth’s body. After some intense foreplay, the…

Show me! Adrian: On the Rectory Stairs
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Adrian: On the Rectory Stairs

Young Adrian Hill has a European look that makes the priests at St. Patrick’s Catholic School tingle with excitement. He grunts as Father Skye pushes him against the wall and dips his girthy penis into his tight anus, plowing him as stiff as he can.

Show me! Elder Mason: Bonds of Brotherhood
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Elder Mason: Bonds of Brotherhood

A slew of horny priests have kept their eyes on these young missionary boys for…

Show me! Taylor: Confession
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Taylor: Confession

Filthy rumors of young Taylor’s secret encounters with Father Parker have spread through St. Patrick’s Catholic School like wildfire. Father Ford knows it’s up to him to draw a Confession from the boys lips, even if that means probing his sweet boy hole.

Show me! Elder Dean & Elder Danials: Who Gets To Top?
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Elder Dean & Elder Danials: Who Gets To Top?

Elder Mason and Elder Daniels have managed to keep a passionate flame smoldering throughout their…

Show me! Taylor: Home Visit
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Taylor: Home Visit

While some priests at St. Patrick’s Catholic School have drawn a line when it comes to home visits, Father Parker is not so conservative. Bending over a table, young Taylor Reign grunts as Parker thrusts his cock inside his pulsing hole.

Show me! Elder Keresford: Confession
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Elder Keresford: Confession

Father Keresford uses his years of experience to conclude that the only way to dispel Kendrick’s sexual urges is to indulge them completely. He barebacks the boy slowly and passionately on the sofa, filling him with orgasmic pleasure.